16-Sep-2015 (Wed) Haze Management Updates

Dear Parents,


Please take time to read the letter on Haze Management that was distributed to the students today. 


The theme for this year is "Our Mother Tongues as Living Languages", focusing on the importance of building a firm MTL foundation from young and making the learning of MTL a family-centred effort. Targeted at educators, MTL academia, parents of young children and the general public, the Symposium provides a platform for the exchange of ideas among educators and parents on our children's learning of MTL. The event will feature 20 sharing sessions and workshops, 40 exhibition booths by pre-school centres, schools and our partners showcasing innovative teaching methods and community programmes, all-day language performances and activities, and the sale of MTL learning resources.

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3-Aug-2015 (Mon) EDUSAVE CHARACTER AWARD (ECHA) - 2015

Dear Parents,

 MOE introduced the Edusave Character Award (ECHA) in 2012 to enable schools to recognise Singaporean pupils who demonstrate exemplary character and outstanding personal qualities through their behaviour and actions.  This is part of the larger goal to foster an inclusive and stronger Singapore as we broaden the qualities and achievements to be encouraged and applauded. The award also supports schools’ continuing efforts in nurturing pupils of good values and character, who are active contributors and concerned citizens.  The ECHA is awarded for pupils’ real-life demonstration of character and good values in the year of the award.  

The objectives of the ECHA are:

(a)        To emphasise the importance that MOE places on character and values, on par with achievements in the academic domain; and

(b)        To recognise outstanding pupils in each school who are exemplary in character, and who can be role models to inspire others.

As key stakeholders, we would like to invite you to nominate suitable candidates for this award. Nomination forms can be downloaded from our school website from Monday, 3 August 2015. Please submit your nominations either through your child or hand in at the general office personally.  Click here to download the nomination form.

The closing date is 5 p.m. on Tuesday 11 August 2015. 

11-Jul-2015 (Sat) National Photography Festival

4 pupils from the Infocomm Club, Omar Yaich and Mathias Ho from 6 Responsibility Joel Rhys Chee from 5 Excellence and Raees Zuhairi from 4 Care participated in the National Photography Festival held at Tampines Central CC on 11 July.

One of the prize categories is the People's Choice Award for the photo that garner the most 'likes'. Our pupils' photos have been uploaded onto Tampines Central CC's Facebook page.

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10-Jul-2015 (Fri) Singapore Youth Festival 2015 (SYF)

Congratulations to our Visual Arts Club pupils who achieved the Certificate of Recognition in the 2015 SYF. This year two entries were submitted; namely Category B (P3-P4) and Category C (P5-P6) with the theme of 'Past, Present, Future'.

In Category B, entitled ‘Our Home of Hope, Love and Unity’, pupils depict how Singapore progressed from a small 'kampong' to a modern, vibrant and colourful city in a form of a 3-D sculpture.

In Category C entitled 'Singapore -Was, Is, Will Be', pupils highlight Singapore’s progress from a fishing village to a modern vibrant city through a story told by our pioneer generation in a form of sand animation.
Our pupils’ artworks are now being showcased at Raffles City Shopping Centre, Level 3.

Parents can view the artworks from 10 July to 19 July, 10 am to 10 pm daily. Admission is Free.

Well done pupils and teachers!