6-Jul-2015 (Mon) Singapore Youth Festival 2015 (SYF)

Congratulations to our Visual Arts Club pupils who achieved the Certificate of Recognition in the 2015 SYF. This year two entries were submitted; namely Category B (P3-P4) and Category C (P5-P6) with the theme of 'Past, Present, Future'.

In Category B, entitled ‘Our Home of Hope, Love and Unity’, pupils depict how Singapore progressed from a small 'kampong' to a modern, vibrant and colourful city in a form of a 3-D sculpture.

In Category C entitled 'Singapore -Was, Is, Will Be', pupils highlight Singapore’s progress from a fishing village to a modern vibrant city through a story told by our pioneer generation in a form of sand animation.

Our pupils’ artworks are now being showcased at Raffles City Shopping Centre, Level 3. Parents can view the artworks from 10 July to 19 July, 10 am to 10 pm daily. Admission is Free.

Well done pupils and teachers!